Online Print Management

The Tri-State Order Management System is designed and customized specifically to organize print orders, maintain inventory levels and streamline the ordering process, reducing the chance of errors. Approved users have the ability to customize, review and approve orders.

Save time and money by streamlining your ordering process.  With your own custom online ordering portal, frequently ordered materials can be in one place, allowing you to order as needed.  In addition to placing repeat orders for materials, your online portal will allow you to submit requests for estimates, submit orders for projects not included in your pre-existing materials, review and approve proofs, and create custom materials from existing design templates.  This system will also provide one central point for ordering materials when you have multiple offices or business locations.  Order history is available to better understand the quantities you should order and you can indicate shipping locations and pay online. 

The Tri-State Online Print Management System allows you to be in control of your print budget, helps with consistency of brand and, in most cases, provides faster turnaround times.  Everything you need to manage your print budget at the click of a button!   

Features of the Tri-State Printing Order Management System

  • Minimal training
  • Access the site securely, from any computer with internet access
  • Multi-level permissions for order approvals
  • Easily order items
  • Complete “My Account” management features – online proofs, job status, billing, reordering and more
  • Fill-in-the-blank personalization of documents with real time proofing

Benefits of the Tri-State Printing Order Management System

  • Upload print file and mailing list together with order, in a secure format – streamlining the order process
  • Unique user login stores address information with ability to customize shipping locations
  • Reorder points can be customized per item
  • Specify billing preferences per user group
  • Pay online at time of order with purchase order number
  • Faster turn-around times

Interested in learning more?

Download the brochure below, or give us a call at 301-733-9560 for pricing.